Digital Presenters
and Document Cameras

About Digital Presenters, and Document Cameras

Document cameras, which replaced “Overheads” some years ago, are called “Digital Presenters” because they are digital cameras with capabilities that go far beyond simply showing documents or other images. Digital Presenters have the ability to zoom in up to 96x or more, save images, record video and audio, save to integrated drives or cards, switch between sources – and a lot more.

What to consider when purchasing digital presenters

  • Optics are at the core of every DP. A high-quality DP must have a high-quality optical block.
  • There is a big difference between optical zoom and digital zoom.
  • Optical zoom uses the lens to magnify images; digital zoom uses digital chips. Lenses produce a much sharper image, and they’re more expensive. You’ll see a huge difference in image quality and cost between 12X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom.
  • Check the DP’s ability to auto-focus. This is the most important feature for most users, as well as a key indicator of overall electronic quality.
  • DPs should be solid and well-constructed to withstand daily use in the classroom. Smaller, lighter DPs must be well-built if they are to last.
  • Check the DPs articulations. They should move fluidly yet firmly and stay in position once set.
  • Feature sets vary between manufacturers and models. If the DP will be used as part of a classroom system, check to see if you’re purchasing redundant features.
  • As with everything else – insist on a product evaluation at your school before your purchase decision.

On-Site Evaluation

On-site evaluation is critical. Let us arrange a product demonstration at your location.  It’s the best way to know what you’re getting. SCHEDULE AN ON-SITE EVALUATION BELOW OR CALL US AT 888-852-8122.