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When it comes to Educational Technology, the decisions that schools face today are more complicated - and more consequential - than they used to be.

Educational Technology has changed so rapidly that it’s hard for schools to know how to approach it. That’s why, at Ward’s MediaTech, our mission is to provide more than just AV and IT gear: we provide information about technology – complete, current and reliable information to help schools make educated, cost-effective decisions.

New technology can improve classroom outcomes provided it’s the right technology, successfully implemented. Otherwise, it can be an expensive disappointment. We’re dedicated to helping educators navigate the dynamic, fast-changing world of Educational Technology and find the best routes to success. We have the experience to help every step of the way: helping identify product options appropriate for your goals and budget, assisting in the evaluation process, providing useful cost comparisons and competitive pricing, facilitating purchasing and delivery – and training your teachers to use the hardware and software. We keep an eye on the road ahead to ensure future compatibility, and we always provide genuine value.

What We Do:

  • Help schools learn their options so they can make the best choices for their needs and budget, short-term and long-term.
  • Help schools put these valuable new tools to work for the benefit of students and teachers.
  • Provide thorough classroom product evaluations.
  • Offer competitive pricing and genuine value.
  • Teacher Training and Professional Development in individual and group settings tailored to meet each school’s needs.
  • Resources - we've gathered all of the important educational studies and research that back up the importance of the technology we sell.

A Technology Primer for the 21st Century Classroom

We’re at the dawn of a new age in classroom education, transitioning from a system designed to meet the needs of the industrial age to one that prepares students for success in a knowledge economy. Ward's Media Tech has put together an educational article that will help schools get from where they are now to where they need to be.


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