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About Interactivity

“Interactivity” means that your computer interacts with a whiteboard and, usually, a projector.

In an interactive presentation, your computer image is projected onto a dry-erase board or screen, and the teacher or student uses a special marker (for a white board) or special tablet (for a projection screen) to that works just like a computer mouse. You can open files, programs, videos, and perform special functions, such as annotation, importing, moving and manipulating images and objects, on-screen typing, mapping, layering and much more. Interactivity is a portal into a world of new teaching and presenting possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Studies show that interactivity increases student engagement levels. Interactivity is an important development; every classroom in the U.S. will probably be interactive within a matter of years.

Interactive Projectors

We primarily carry Benq, Vivitek, and Infocus.. Click on one of the brand names below to learn more about the brand and product.

What to Consider when Purchasing Interactivity:

Devices like eBeam now provide all the benefits of interactivity at a fraction of the cost of older specialized “boards”. Plus, they’re easier to use and don’t take up space.

We recommend on-site evaluations of interactive products. As a new technology, it’s particularly critical to learn what’s best for you.

Please contact us for further discussion and to arrange for a product evaluation at your school.

On-Site Evaluation

On-site evaluation is critical. Let us arrange a product demonstration at your location.  It’s the best way to know what you’re getting. SCHEDULE AN ON-SITE EVALUATION BELOW OR CALL US AT 888-852-8122.