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Need a solution to manage, store and charge your set of Tablets, iPads, Laptops and Chromebooks? LocknCharge’s Charging Stations and Charging Carts accommodate almost any tablet, and laptop device – including Samsung, Microsoft, Acer, Asus, Apple and more. Many of our Tablet Carts are designed to house Baskets by LocknCharge that allow devices to be shared between and throughout classrooms quickly, safely and easily. Find out more about all the options for managing, storing and charging portable devices and which one is right for you.

lockncharge charging stations

Your school’s laptops and tablets are perhaps your most important tech investments, and so, they require appropriate maintenance and security. There are a lot of choices, and we can help you sort them out.

Lock-n-Charge options for every need:

  • Conveniently mobile so you can put it where you want and move it when you want.
  • Wall storage lockers are available with multiple USB ports and powered compartments to accommodate a range of devices in a single unit. You can mix and match.
  • Options for iPad or Chromebook, for laptop or tablet, in all kinds of handy configurations for all kinds of needs.

lockncharge charging station
Key Features/Benefits
  • Universal Cart that holds and charges 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 devices
  • BYOD Charging Stations
  • Chromebook Carts and Chromebook Charging Stations
  • Tablet Charging Carts and Tablet Charging Stations
  • iPad Charging Stations and iPad Carts
  • Laptop Charging Carts and Laptop Charging Stations
Installation Drilling

Need Installation?

Our experienced installation experts will handle all the details of installing, testing and troubleshooting your new technology. Call 888-852-8122 for details.