Digital Signage

& Displays


Improve Guest Experiences With Amazing Visual Displays

Dynamic form of visual communications that makes it easier for you to broadcast departure schedules, menus, scores, goals arrival times, analytics, advertisements, promotions and more...
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Vue LED Video Wall Example

You won't be able to take your eyes off this brilliant and bold screen.

Sizing up to 220" Screen

HD Resolution

Mountable on wall or stand

Removable tiles for easy maintenance

PixelGuard Screen Protection

Crestron Module

Digital Menu Boards

Make More Money: increase your ticket amount by spotlighting your highest-margin items.

Enhance Your Branding: dramatically improve your brand image with high definition graphics.

Decrease Wait Time: reduce perceived wait times with sharp and clear menu listings.

Save Money: eliminate print costs by switching to digital menu boards.

Ultimate Flexibility: pre-schedule the menu to auto- matically change from breakfast, lunch and dinner menus and specials.

Unlimited Board Zones

Beautifully display any combination of high defini- tion individual food or drink promotions, happy hour specials and delicious dessert images.

Edit from Anywhere

Using any web browser, on any device, at any time, you can design, edit, and manage your menu for one or multiple locations.

Clean & Easy to Read

Neatly organize your menu into color-coded categories. Rotating food images can be added to. This kind of design is great for large menus!

Airport Digital Signage

Digital signage for airports, you have full control over con- tent and what each screen is displaying. From sending valuable gate information to screens, to sharing live local news and weather forecasts, digital signage for airport can serve as your digital customer service representative.

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